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Core is an industry leader in developing the standard for computerized preventive maintenance and work order management. Our unique CMMS system: Core Continuous Technology, is available to you as a web enterprise solution with the same robust yet easy-to-use features.
Our Web based CMMS site, Core Continuous Technology (CCT) is non proprietary and fully customizable. As the site is developed and evolves to meet the needs of our clients it becomes a data base for resource information & gathering, performance of services analysis as well as a projection tool for accounting & budget forecasting. All information contained in CCT is available for direct Client access 24/7 and is available in to the client beyond the end of contract term.
All of our technologies are protected by a sophisticated firewall system that is managed by the Core IT staff. Client Proprietary information is protected, secured and can only be accessed by authorized users.
CCT is available to you as a web enterprise solution with the same robust yet easy-to-use features, including:
  • Equipment and supply detailed inventory
  • Task management and scheduling
  • Preloaded equipment profiles
  • Preloaded OSHA and NFPA safety compliance program
  • Equipment history logs
  • Energy management tools
  • Full customizable reporting functions
  • Dispatch work orders via fax, printer, pager, etc.
  • Encryption and password protection
  • Professionally hosted on a redundant server
  • Remote monitoring and updating of tasks by CORE’s management team
  • Exports to Excel and other electronic formats
Cost accounting and reporting systems
With extensive experience gained from working with hundreds of clients, we have developed a series of report templates to help create reports that meet our customers’ needs.
Live customer support
Core supports our teams with real-time computer and software support. We provide a fully integrated solution for facility maintenance, customized to our clients’ needs.
CORE Continuous Technology (CCT)
Core Facility Services provides a comprehensive service request, work order, preventive maintenance and asset management system that is delivered via the Internet to your browser and mobile devices. Everyone in your organization can access the data and there is no hardware to buy or software to install.
Work Management
Improve visibility into the performance of your people, contractors, and facilities with real-time monitoring. Fewer phone calls to be answered, more actionable information, and less time spent finding the answer.
Preventive Maintenance
The preventive maintenance module is a complete asset management and maintenance system; it supports the tracking of assets, preventive maintenance schedules, warranties, task lists, meter readings and historical reporting.
Knowledge Management
Create a repository of policies, procedures, and best practices that your team can tap into at any time. Create Business rules that “push” information to the proper person based on the assigned task.
Inspection Management
Collect inspection data and use that data to create action items. You can clearly define who is responsible for specific issues and track corrective action on items identified during the inspection process.
Visitor Registration
Clients or employees can request visitor access by entering the visit information through an easy-to-use web interface. Provide a front desk function for checking in visitors and printing visitor badges.
Emergency Management
CORE creates a centralized repository of emergency
plans and incident management infrastructure that can be accessed from any Internet browser. The system was designed to expedite compliance with the NFPA 1600 Standard.
Tenant Services
Increase tenant overall satisfaction and reduce calls to the office/call center.
Errors are reduced and dollars saved by matching vendor invoices directly to accounts payable.
Centralizes vendor and tenant information to track all documentation needed to manage your business.
Core Portal
Inform and convey a positive image to retain and attract new tenants.
The big picture view, flexible filtering options and deep drill-down capability CORE Energy
Integration with Building Automation Systems.
Tracks reservations, and creates the necessary work orders to fulfill services and manage costs for shared resource requests. This includes web and wireless access Integration with any cell phone or PDA.
Project information is updated instantly and can be viewed by all project stakeholders 24×7 to maximize project efficiencies
Work Management
Improve productivity and report on activity with CCT. CCT provides communication between facility managers, owners, service providers, property managers, and tenants. The result is better communication, faster response time and greater customer satisfaction. CCT can manage billable/non-billable work activity, customer requests, the tracking and billing of labor and materials, and recurring management activities (inspections, customer management, etc.).
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